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Who We Are

Background & Business Activities is here to guide you on your path to sustainable commerce, we know the value of a good business model, as well as how hard it is to take that idea and implement it. We are here for you from conception to implementation. The team of experienced and dedicated FreshmanCEOS are here to help streamline the process of getting your business running, plain and simple. Our unique equity stake plan gives entrepreneurs with little capital the opportunity to use the equity in their company as payment for our services, this means no upfront costs. FreshmanCEOS is the leader in fledgling company growth, we look forward to assisting you in the building of your business and your life. 

Company History

2009: Founded by FLA-MINGLE fashion label president and entrepreneur Jordan Schlosser. 

2010: Winner of the Apptitude Studios Award for best business plan. 

2011: Launched Cote D'azur Clothing Check us out on Instagram (cote_dazur_clothing)

2012: Founded Marijuana Retail Commission (To establish a franchisable business model as states open for the legalization of Marijuana).

2013: Accepting Business Plan Submissions For Review

Management Team

  • Jordan Schlosser, CEO and Founder
  • Joseph Philson, Creative Director
  • Ying Xin Tan, Foreign Servers Director
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Who We Are